Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Round Up: Cat in the Hat Pajamas

The Monkey loves anything Dr. Seuss. Especially the Cat in the Hat. I found some great Cat in the Hat flannel when I visited one of my favorite Atlanta-based fabric shops last fall. I knew right away I had to get some to make pajamas for The Monkey.

I decided to keep it simple and just make PJ pants, and get a simple white tee-shirt for the top. After buying the tee-shirt, I had a brilliant idea: jazz it up with the Cat in the Hat's signature bow tie (or Tie Bow as The Monkey calls it).

I printed out a picture of the bow tie, scaled to the size I wanted it, then played around with the shape a bit to allow for the pleats. I wrapped the center piece around it to appear as if it were "tied." I used fusible interfacing to tack it to the shirt, then stitched it on to secure it better.

He LOVED his new pajamas. He put them on right away, and wears them several nights a week. And it warmed my heart when he gave me a hug and said "Thank you for my Cat in the Hat jammies! I love them!"

Christmas Round Up: Super Hero Cape and Mask

As soon as I came across this blog post, I knew I had to make a Super Hero cape for the Monkey.

I have a stack of old t-shirts in my craft room that have been waiting to be turned into projects. I also have lots of felt sitting around in my fabric stash. So I had plenty to pull from to make this cape.

After cutting out the cape pieces, I found a Superman logo online, and used it as a template to make the "S" for the cape (since the Monkey's name begins with an S). I decided to go with blue and yellow because I didn't want it to be an exact replica of Superman's. The tee-shirt I used to make the cape was an old college shirt that had the name of the school up at the top. So I covered it with the blue and yellow stars around the collar.

He had a Super Hero cape that one of the church nursery volunteers made for him, but he always needed our help to tie it on. Since this one attaches with velcro he can put it on himself!

After making the cape, I came across this post, and realized every Super Hero needs a mask! So I quickly threw together a mask to match his cape.

After opening presents Christmas morning, we took a walk to the park to run off some energy. The Monkey insisted on wearing his new super hero outfit.

Blast off!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Sewing for Monkeys

I've been working on Christmas gifts for The Monkey and Baby Brother.

The Monkey will be getting the Cat in the Hat Quilt, Cat in the Hat Pajamas, and super hero cape and mask. The fabric taggy Grinch book and the iFlirt shirt are for Baby Brother. More on these projects after Christmas when I can get some better pictures of them. Til then, Merry Christmas! (Or Happy Hannukah! Or Happy Solstice! Or Happy December!)