Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dr. Seuss Curtains

At the beginning of the year, we moved the Monkey into a new room with a big boy bed so we could fix up the nursery for Baby Brother. We wanted to find a way to make the room special for him so he wouldn't be too upset about being displaced from his old room, but we're currently renting, so our options were limited. But with a window in the room, I figured curtains would be a good way to add some fun. The Monkey loves everything Dr. Seuss, so as soon as I saw this fabric at Hip Stitch, I knew it was just what I needed to make his new room a special place.

While I played around with all sorts of design ideas for these curtains, Bryan persuaded me that simple was better, and he was right. Just a panel of the Dr. Seuss fabric sandwiched between a coordinating solid made these curtains just right. All the different Dr Seuss characters gave me seemingly infinite colors to choose from, but since the Monkey already had a blue comforter, I decided to pull the blue from Horton the Elephant.

These curtains we're quite simple to make. I used the 44" length of the fabric for the vertical distance, and simply purchased a cut of fabric that was long enough to cover the width of the window. I purchased the same amount of the blue solid fabric and cut it in half to make the two accent panels.

Because it gets quite sunny out here in the Southwest, and because the Monkey sleeps better in a dark room (don't we all?), I lined these curtains with a blackout panel. Because most curtain liners are sold in standard curtain panel widths, it was quite simple to lay out the curtain over the blackout panel, pin, and hem. Voila! Perfect size curtain panel!

I'm really happy with how this curtain came out! It blocks the light really well, and adds lots of fun to an otherwise boring room. But the best part was seeing how excited the Monkey was when he first saw his Dr. Seuss curtains! He went right up to them and started pointing out all the characters. He settled in nicely to his new room, and he still loves his curtains!

He loves them so much, I went ahead and bought an extra cut of the Dr. Seuss fabric, just in case his room in our next house has more or wider windows.

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