Monday, June 27, 2011

Yoga Mat Bag

Since I mentioned the yoga mat bag in a previous post, I figured I'd do a quick blog post about it. I made this bag a couple years ago. My mom loves yoga and goes to several classes per week. And I had this fun yoga fabric sitting in my stash, just waiting for the perfect project. Christmas was coming up, so I decided to make a fun yoga mat bag for my mom. Since I had enough fabric for two bags, I made one for myself as well :-)

I didn't take enough pictures while making this bag to post a full tutorial, but I can give the basic steps.

Fabric -- outer bag fabric plus coordinating lining fabric. Not all yoga mats are the same thickness. To figure out how much you need, measure the circumference of you mat, then add an inch or two so the bag isn't too tight, plus another inch for the seam allowance. Make sure you'll also have enough for the circle bottom of the bag, and enough outer fabric for the strap.
Interfacing -- same amount as fabric. Using the fusible interfacing would be easiest, and make for a more polished final product, but I'm cheap so I used the regular kind.
Cording for drawstring -- amount based on size of mat
Cord stop
Needle, thread, and other sewing essentials

General Directions

Cut Fabric:
For bag body: Determine how big your bag needs to be to accommodate you mat. From outer fabric, lining fabric, and interfacing, cut a rectangle the correct size. You don't want the bag to be too snug around the mat or it will be difficult to get it in and out. Remember to leave enough room for a 1/2" seam allowance.
For bottom of bag: Determine the circumference of your bag, then calculate the diameter (C
=2pi x radius). Add at least an inch in diameter (more to be safe). You can always trim down seam allowances, but if it's too small, you're out of luck! Cut circle from outer and inner fabrics and interfacing.
Strap: Cut a strip of fabric that is four inches wide and about 34" long, depending on how long you want it.


1. Sandwich the interfacing between the two pieces of fabric. Fuse or baste together.

2. Make the strap. Here is a really good tutorial. It even has pictures! Because the ends of your strap will be visible (unlike in the tutorial), simply finish them by turning the raw edges in 1/4" and hemming before top stitching the strap closed.

3. Attach the strap to the body of the bag. The strap should be placed about 4" in from the long edge of the bag. Pin one end of the strap 4-5" down from the top edge of the bag. Pin the other end about 2" up from the bottom of the bag. Sew in place, using an X shape for extra strength.

4. Fold fabric in half vertically with right sides facing each other. Stitch up the side leaving a 1/2" seam allowance. Be careful to keep the strap away from the needle.

Now you have an inside-out fabric tube. This seems to be where I stopped taking pictures. This is a good time to slip your yoga mat in the tube to make sure it fits. If it's a little too snug, rip out and re-sew with a smaller seam allowance. If it's too big, there's no need to rip, just sew another line and trim the excess fabric.

5. Sew the bottom into the bag. Sandwich the interfacing between your two fabric circles. Fuse or baste together. Pin the circle into the bottom of the tube, right sides facing. Stitch together with a 1/2" seam allowance. If you made an oversize circle, trim the excess fabric in the seam allowance down to 1/2". Turn the bag right side out and admire your handiwork so far.

6. Finish off the top. Turn the top edge in 1/4" and press. Now turn in another 1 1/2" and press.

7. Make the drawstring casing. Mark two button holes about 3/4" apart, and vertically centered in the top 1 1/2". Unfold bag and make button holes. Refold bag on previously pressed creases, and top stitch closed. Thread your drawstring through the holes, put on cord stopper, and tie. Voila! You now have a yoga mat bag!!

I also made a small wrist purse, just big enough to hold my wallet, keys, cell phone, and gym card. It was quite simple.

Outer Fabric
Lining Fabric

Figure out how big you want the pouch to be. Cut a rectangle that is equal in length and twice as long as you want the bag to be. Fold in half, with right sides facing. If you want, shape it by tapering in toward the top. Make a small strap, fold in half, and pin to the inside. Fold top and bottom edge in 1/4" and press. One side of zipper to each folded over edge and sew. Now, just sew up the sides, turn right side out, and you have a little purse!

Now you're ready to hit the gym.

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