Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Blog!

As I was sewing away at my Bernina today, it occurred to me that I've made quite a few things recently, but haven't had a place to share them. I thought about resurrecting my old blog, but as I settled into life as a mom, spending lots of time cooking and baking took a back seat to playing with trains and cars, reading books, and chasing a toddler around the house. And while I do still knit on occasion, my primary crafting happens at my sewing machine.

I am a self taught sewer, learning from each project, through trial and error. And my favorite person to sew for is my Little Monkey!

And I hope to do just as much sewing for the second little monkey due in April. As I continue to grow in my sewing, and my monkeys grow up with the things that I make for them, our whole family will be Growing in Stitches!

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