Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christmas Round Up: Grinch Fabric Book

Because I'm a slacker (or rather, because I am too tired to blog after a day of chasing two boys around), I still have a few Christmas gifts I haven't blogged yet. One is the taggy fabric book I made for Baby Brother.

We're big Dr. Seuss fans in this house. As soon as I saw this Grinch panels fabric at Whipstitch, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Sewn together with some batting and ribbons, it would be a wonderful little taggy fabric book for baby brother.

The fabric condenses the story of the Grinch into ten "pages."

To make the book, I sewed on the tags, and used fusible fleece to give it a little more "poof."

Not all the panels were the same size. So I sewed the narrower panels onto a larger piece of fabric to make the page work.

I found some Christmas tree fabric in my stash and used it to bind up the book.

The bulk of all the fabric and batting was more than my sewing machine could handle. But Suzanne at Hip Stitch set me up with a good machine in the sewing lounge to finish up this project.

Baby Brother approves :-)


  1. Very clever. Love the tabbies. And hey! Your post gives me an idea! If I would send you the squares the children made at last year's Menno relief sale in Atlanta, and pay the postage for you to ship them back, would you consider sewing them into a book to be auctioned at this year's sale? Or to be more accurate, four books? I've made them in the past but you couldn't exactly call it a labor of love :-). Like I said, the needle and I are not very good friends. It's not that I don't KNOW how to do it, it's that I don't LIKE doing it. Last year I paid big bucks to have them professionally made, but they didn't bring at auction a fraction of what I paid to have them made. Consider it and if you're interested, I'll give you more details. They're not nearly as complicated as your adorable tabby book!

  2. Sara, this is so amazing. Can I feature it on Rookie Moms this week?

  3. Good evening Sara,
    I know this topic has many years but....
    I'm a french english teacher and next monday I'll host a Christmas workshop for 3-10 y. o. children.
    I'd like to read them the faous "how the grinch stole Christmas" but in a light version (they're just beginner in english). And your book is really interessant...
    I'll really appreciate if you accepted to give me the text you keep to create your book.
    Hope you could answer me.